Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hanging orchid~hawaiian tropical beauty

This is another beautiufl hanging orchid from Hilo. This time I am attempting to give it a wonderful vintage feel to the color and feel it really works. If you saw the original image you wouldn't believe the transformation. I made it looks simple but really it is multiple layers and different hues and tones.
I hope this will inspire you to walk today and look around you for something beautiful.
I need to go do that right now after being on the computer since 6am!
Please click the title or image to go to my etsy store to see this larger.
enjoy the day!


chickory said...

it reminds me so much of old postcards of florida!! i found some at "jungle gardens" last summer and they looked very similar. you gotta love those hue and saturation sliders: in your artful hands and eyes they've worked magic here. thanks for your visit. what a bright spirit you are! enjoy the great outdoors today!

Sigmosaics said...

what a beautiful colored flower .. and so big! truly lovely photography :)

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