Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BAthing Costume-2009-1834

Ok now that Memorial Day is officially over does that mean summer is here? If so might I reccomend that you dig out last years suit and see if it still fits? If not you might try a fashion worn to the beach in 1834. It looks more like chinese pants and a coat. These women really kept warm in summer and just imagine trying to swim in that outfit.

The next image above that is of two women at the beach in 1900. At least they dropped the pants for tights.

Next a fashion ad from Jantzen, who really put swimsuits on the map. I love that style.

But then comes modern day Victoria secret which has women who are pencil thin and look angry instead of happy to be at the beach.

I guess you might say women really have come a long way. In what direction I am not sure. Has fashion evolved in a positive way?
What a difference a century or two can make!


Little Brown Sparrow said...

The Victoria's Secret woman should be on Photoshop disasters! I can't stand that whole website, they don't have a single real person on it.

But Oh! Those Victorian swimsuits, no wonder so many women drowned!

Monica said...

Ha! Wow, that is quite a difference! Love your posts :)

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