Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cherry Scones~Day after the Crash

Yes these are the same scones I made today. Why because I had to do something creative and fun to appease myself as yesterday was such a difficult day to get through. MY trusty hard drive stopped working, refused to show up at all and after hours at the MAc Clinic the verdict didn't look good. All of my 5 years worth of work was lost melted into oblivion and no way to recover it unless I fork over $1500 which it could even be more. This was me being stupid as all the scanned glass negatives and hand tinting had not been backed up onto anything and I was forced to shut down my etsy store.

Yes its a sad day indeed. I have to carry on and keep calm, you know the old saying.
I still have hope that the info can be recovered. Honestly the amount of hours of work on that hard drive is not even estimateable if that is a word.

So yes those scones were great but really they didn't make it that much easier to handle.
I do look forward to vacation for 5 days on Fri to visit my mom and dad in Seattle with all the girls and children. Sara won't be there which is sad but there will be plenty of kids to love and lots of good ole Clancy chatter!

So keep all your fingers and toes crossed that I will get my hard drive info back. Sadly I came home to an order of 2 photos when I came back from the MAc Clinic. I had to cry, the images are on that drive alone.

Oh well things could be worse. I still have my G5 and it works somewhat slower but that is fine.
Have a great Monday!


OriginalTreasures said...

Marianne, I am so sorry, and sad about this awful news...I will email you right now. If I had 1,500.00 just sitting around...I would send it to you in a heart beat! Save your old hard drive, because one day, you will be able to get all of your images and hard work back...such a loss, and I am sad. I hope those beautiful scones put a huge smile on your face. ;)

Sandra said...

Oh Marianne, this is so shocking. I can't sleep and turned to your blog and read this. I feel just awful for you.

Linda Ellett said...

Oh my...that is so terrible! I really hope your info is recovered - and this serves as a reminder to me to back-up and I'm doing that today!

jane said...

Oh, Marianne, I am so sorry to hear about this; it is the downside of computer technology that otherwise is wonderful...I agree with Original Treasures who says one day you will be able to get all of your images back, and I'd send you $ too, if I could! Good will come to you, for you do much good for others; like your friend with the will receive blessings for your kindness towards her. I love you!
Your friend, Jane P. from Painter & Pedler!

Monica said...

How dreadful, I'm so sorry to hear this.

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