Sunday, July 5, 2009

Indonesian Flying Horse

This image was taken in Hawaii at the Hilton hotel where there is one of the finest collections of polynesian art anywhere. This horse is life sized and carved of several pieces of wood. I encourage anyone going to the big island to reserve at least several hours to enjoy all the wonderful sights inside this hotel. The Hiltons really put some time and money into this collection and I promise you will not be sorry. I almost want to say its worth the trip but there are other things on that island as well and this collection is one not to be missed. They have also a modern gallery there which displays current artwork for sale from around the world.
A little piece of art paradise..
Happy the fourth is over, and now we can go into the remainder of summer and our predicted 98 degrees for 2 weeks forward will keep me indoors and walking blue early. ok so must go do that as my thermometer reads 89 now.


WolfeWoman said...

How beautiful! I'd love to see it in person!

98 degrees, phew! But probably much cooler than Phoenix and most of Az, huh!?

chickory said...

i have an indonesian black bat. its a protector from spirits. between that and our many turkish evil eyes we should be covered!! stay cool!

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