Friday, July 10, 2009


Oh what a life. SLeeping on one foot. Fragile and beautiful these lovely and unusual birds of the tropics are at peace as long as there is room for small foot to stay put. Why they don't fall over, probably the math of the angle of their foot balanced under their feathers. Whatever the reason we love to look at them and they don't seem that bothered by humans.
Another photo from Hawaii. I guess I am in the mood to be near the beach. I just dropped the car off for its yearly, tune up and new tires and walked the dog in 95 degree heat looking for any and all shade while we walk. Yes, I am thinking of the ocean and how blue and cool it looks to anyone who is hot. I have finished my LOST addiction by watching the final episodes from last season and now will have to wait with everyone else to see what happens to those who dare to go back to the island.

I lived in Oahu in 1980 and worked in the downtown area on a cruise ship and also at a photo store and costume store on hotel street. Three jobs, one year. My oldest Sara went to school at the Kaimuki elementary school around the corner. We had geckos on the wall and no TV so we listened to old tv shows on tape from the library and every fri nite drove to the University in Manoa to see a classic film in the air conditioned theater for $2. Saturdays we went to Pattis Kitchen in the Mauna L0a mall for a cafeteria style all you could eat chinese food. Yummy food. Then most days after work we went to the beach and sat by the water.
Life was good but a bit boring and I longed to be nearer my family. I will always remember the time spent there and also my vacation to big Island 6 years ago. I have my wonderful memories and also some pretty cool photos!
Enjoy Friday and the weekend. Shop Etsyprojectembrace to help support donations to cancer foundation in Laura Slocum's name. She is an amazing woman and a great artist and ferociously brave person with ovarian cancer. She has taught me alot about what is truly important in life and we have never met. But really it doesn't matter. I still care alot about her and hope and pray she will recover soon!
Look for the tag Etsyprojectembrace on items on Etsy and you will be taken to listings that are donating to cancer foundation!


Kendra Zvonik said...

Thank you for your post about Laura and etysprojectembrace. I'm happy to be a part of this effort with you! Together we can help Laura :)
Best Wishes,

kathiroussel said...

marianne-- so nice to find your post for laura-- this is a wonderful group effort, and so many people are joining in. all of this loving energy is heading straight to laura-- hope you sell plenty of your beautiful cards!

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