Friday, July 24, 2009

Seattle Trip~ Mom's 80th Birthday

Well we made it back in one piece after much traveling~our trip from Flagstaff to Seattle had us landing and taking off 8 times to get there! But on arrival sister Jenny so kind to pick us up and drop us at the hotel which I must say was an A+ experience! The Marriott on the water with spectacular views and incredible service! Then traveling over the bridge with Sharon to the party the following day and met by Jenny coming up from her kitchen on level one of her and Jeff's beautiful home in West Seattle. Lots of children and teens and adults to make the family gathering to celebrate Mom's 80th birthday just as pleasant as it could be. My sister and her family were fabulous to have it at their home and Jenny's food did not disappoint. The following day we met up again at her home for more visiting and again she supplied us lunch! There were outings to the antique and thrift stores and shopping around Seattle. Lots of walking..and did I say walking? to work up an appetite for the wonderful seafood that we had at every place we ate. Lots of photos taken and here are a few. I had the best time as I am sure Rita did as well and we were very happy to come home and pick up Blue at the kennel where the lady almost refused her tip saying he was such a wonderful guest with his smiling that the ladies fell in love with him.
Seattle in summer.. I cannot think of another place that would have been nicer. If you have never been there make the trip. Lots of tourists and locals and really a clean and beautiful city.
Several points to see~ the original Starbucks which we visited each morning~La Paloma restaurant in Pioneer square, middle eastern food rustic restaurant run by 2 Thai to follow at a later date~ Cutters for their seafood salmon chowder~on and on. I can tell we will go back to see more of the woods but the city proved wonderful. We were lucky enough to be at the grand opening of Seattle's Literail and the mural was across from the tracks as we stood with all the excited folks who would be the first to ride the literail from one side of the city to the other, what a great experience. It was 3 decades in the making and probably millions and millions of dollars. The artwork at every stop was beyond incredible! We tried but never made it to the museum's Andrew Wyeth exhibit. Next time. As we climbed the steps at the pioneer station to catch the lite rail back the waves of cheers from the stadium roared through our bodies like an electrical charge sending chills all over my body. Throngs of fans of the Seattle soccer team, the Sounders were there to cheer on their team against Chelsea. The stadium made me nervous just to look at the seats going hundreds of feet into the air. So there was much good cheer with family and wonderful sites to take in on our trip to Seattle. Five days was not enough.
Here it is Friday again and a week ago we were in transit to Seattle. Time flies so enjoy it while its available. Take a trip to Seattle, you will not regret it!


Monica said...

How fun! I've been thinking about taking a trip up to Seattle while we're still living on the west coast. Now I know I need to.

I love the photo of all the ladies together and the fact that you can see the man taking the photo in the mirror :)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing. I am really looking forward to my trip to Seattle in September!

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