Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Girl w Magazine

My computer hard drive was recovered and all files still intact. I truly love those guys at MAc Clinic. They saved me from losing all that work for 5 years. I am so happy that I can be back on Etsy and also to have those photographs back! hooray... I went out and got a lottery ticket for tonite and its a quick pick and the first two numbers were 7 15, does that mean anything as that is today's date? I will let you know tomorrow.

This is from a photograph from a glass negative that my friend in France sent me a few weeks ago. I just loved the composition of the girl sitting on a table reading her magazine with the window light coming in. Of course the challenge was in the color as this was a black and white and I had to invent the color. I am old hat there as I have been adding color over black and white photographs for years and this proved to be a challenge but not one I couldn't overcome. So here she is.


Gramma Joan said...

Very Good Marianne, I think you should pursue that style of painting more. Love the composition and the colors too.Is there anything you can`t do? Gramma Joan

kathiroussel said...

oh my gosh marianne--- what a wonderful recovery-- that was a close call!!! so glad to read about the good news. it must have been the scone sacrifice to the computer gods. or those cute nerds at the mac store... best to you!

Sandra said...

I am so happy for you. This is great news. I am sure you are so relieved.

Linda Ellett said...

Oh yeah! I just read this post! What a relief!!

snappingtwig said...

marianne, I love your blog.....
this just happened to me less than a week ago....so glad you will be o.k.
my work was saved as well and I have be backing everything up these last few days....so scary. love your tinted images and your wonderful words.
Teina ( snappingtwig)

jane said...

Oh, Thank God, Marianne! So glad for you! I know everyone must have been praying/sending good wishes to you! It was weird; when I clicked on etsy for 1st time in a week I didn't see the latest post re: your recovering the info. The first thing that came up was the scone pic. etc. and so I wrote to you right away; now I see all is ok! SO GLAD! Love you!

OriginalTreasures said...

I'm so happy for you Marianne... Your work, photos, and talent are now safe and sound!! I am thrilled that the mac techs did such a great job for you! Now, please back up your files...promise? xx ;)

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