Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Behind the Door~Polynesian artistry~Wimbeldon ends

Once again I keep coming back to my Hawaiin images. I think because its so hot in Sedona that I feel often I am living in a foreign country that is hot all the time. Of course minus the moisture which is required to make you sweat such as in Malasia or Thailand.
This is a beautiful carved door from probably the late 1600s and not sure where but knowing only that it is Asian in design. As it is morning and our birds are singing I imagine that these roosters greeted the new day in this far away country and time that this was created by some loving hands of an artisan probably for a wealthy family who really wanted to make a first impression.
The doorway at the front of a home is often the first thing one sees before entering the home and it may have been auspicious to have roosters adorn that which would open up to a wonderful palace or wealthy estate.
The red and blue flowers are faded but still the amazing work of the carver has come through and loving all things old this has acquired a certain charm of its own by way of age. As we all know things get better w age, wine, women and architecture!
I am readying myself to brave the early morning walk and got up early to catch an Etsy treasury only to miss it by 7 minutes.. oh well.
Last night I watched with Rita, the men's Wimbledon final. I have to say although Federer won, it was a match won by Andy Roddick. The longest 5th set in the history of Wimbledon, Andy was on serve through 15 games. Unheard of. It was a wearing down of Andy as Federer was going for a record to beat Pete Sampras' title of having won 7 grand slam titles. Now Federer can have his baby w his wife in a few months and also claim title as the greatest tennis player ever to have lived.
I am always for the underdog and believe that Andy Roddick's time will come.
I also enjoyed French open when Robin Soederling the swede beat Nadal but didn't win the title.
I guess the Swiss just have good coaches. The best part of the whole 4.5 hours of the match was listening to John MacEnroe narrate. He is the best and to me still the best tennis player ever to watch and compete although his nemesis Bjorn Borg attended along w Pete Sampras and Ron Laver who now is a very old man. Time flies even in the world of tennis. Now the us open is coming and I will love that as well.
Summer is good for lots of things, but I have to say... good tennis is definitely one of my favorite things! I played all through college and until I slipped a disc in my neck I was a good player.
Well, must face the sunshine.. oh how terrible, it could be worse. Sunshine is not so bad. In fact its good.. keeps us cheerful I think!
have a great day! and play some tennis, its fun!


Gramma Joan said...

Great blog this morning Marianne. One can learn a lot from visiting you daily. It is so cool and rainy here today. Wish I could send some of it your way!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

I love that door! Beautiful colors and textures!

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