Saturday, October 3, 2009

Candy Wax Lips Kiss 1940s LAdies~SAturday

This image was found a few days ago in a photo album. It had my name written all over it!
The women all in their B-V hats decided to each wear a pair of wax candy lips. I love love this one and made it into a card on Etsy. Come see!
Staurday and in just a few minutes will walk the dog then drive to CLarkdale.. yes same town made famous by the Monkees. Rita has a grueling uphill track meet that I will support her to run. Grabbed a treasuy this early a.m. after missing 2 yesterday. Work will do that to you!
HAppy that the aunties and mom and dad made it back to Michigan and Port Angeles safe and sound and back to their routines and families.
I am about to go enjoy some of this wonderful cool desert air. I took some photos to post and will do that today or tomorrow of the early morning desert. Click the photo to go to my store to see the card and have a wonderful SAturday!


kathiroussel said...

truly wonderful marianne-- i love the playful spirit of these women-- really funny!!

brunococo said...

Gotta love dem lips!

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