Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday~ Indian Summer~Clarkdale

Here are a few shots from a small town called Clarkdale, Arizona. The town has homes made of different colored brick such as this lounge is made of. Most homes are 2 bedroom, with ceramic sunshine of some sort on the front porch. A quiet desert breeze was blowing through the town last Saturday, the sun was shining brightly and like a ghost town it had the feel that people were all sleeping. Only a few old folks sat in front of the grocery store and one man with greasy hair stood outside this lounge wearing a sleeveless leather vest w no shirt under it, smoking. I chose not to take his photo.
We were in Clarkdale for a track meet w Sedona school. Rita came in 21st in her division which was pretty amazing considering there were almost 100 girls. She ran straight up a steep rocky hillside and down again. Clarkdale school was where the meet was and the town about 1/2 mile down the road.
I think if you were a writer you might like it here. It was quiet and warm and the view was of a mine still in operation that took white rock from the hillside. I think I spent 5 minutes driving around and stopped once for these few photos and drove away. On the way out of town I stopped at a very bleak flea market and talked to the two women in the photo. I actually put up with the chain smoking because they were the only living things out of doors that day. I didn't take a photo but there was a beautiful park and gazebo across the street from the flea market and not one child or adult in it and it was a beautiful day about 80 degrees with a breeze. That baffled me. Were they all indoors watching football or playing video games. I could not understand this at all. Anyway I won't be back to that town again as it was Rita's last year running that race. I will include a photo of her girls team too.


Stay Tuned said...

i think you may have to go back just for the flea market! congrats on Rita's finish! Sounds alot better than I'd do... ha ha!!

Josi Bunder said...
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