Friday, October 9, 2009

Keeping it Simple~Obama wins nobel peace prize~white pumpkin

Friday is here and this week the time flew by. Obama has a new prize and its quite Nobel if I do say so! I do believe that the world is a safer and better place with him as president. I know not everyone believes this but I do a little comparison using the euro method and that is since he took office almost 30% of people around the world believe we have a safer world since he took office and I think that is due to the fact we had to compare him to the previous one.
I give him the white pumpkin award. I love this white pumpkin. I got in Safeway a few weeks ago and photographed it until I was happy and have it listed in my etsy store, if you like to see it larger its a click away...

I watched a show last night that had a guy on the show who lived without leaving a carbon footprint for an entire year. He lived in NY and up a large building and he and his wife walked the stairs instead of using the elevator

Colin Beavan

Colin Beavan spent a year making no environmental impact in the hope of finding a way to live that's better for the planet. link to clip is here.
I think that is living simple..

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