Saturday, October 17, 2009

BLue Witch~Saturday

Here it is Saturday again. I know when I started this blog I had vowed to myself that every day was a blog day...who was I kidding? I really had to get up early today. Another cross country meet for Rita and this time in Phoenix. Its supposed to be triple digits today. that is true. Christmas on the FP of Etsy and hot hot Arizona. SO that is fine, I heard it snowed in Vermont. Well that does make sense and I won't complain as I walked the dog to the bank and back yesterday and it was 83, shorts and felt like 90. He is allowed into the bank but immediately tries to withdraw money and only gets a cookie.
Sedona is such a laid back town, until scandal hits. This past week a tragedy of huge proportions when a sweat lodge in the area killed 2 people and sent over 20 to the hospital. Apparently there were toxic fumes and the temps were 122. Sadly the woman who died was a friend of my daughter's in Mexico, a 39 yr old woman with so much living left to do. I have never done a sweat lodge but believe me living in Sedona I have been asked to many times. I guess the best advice is to only use items from nature when doing it.

I have posted a beautiful young 1920s blue witch photo which(haha) I listed in my Etsy store yesterday. It was such a wonderful find and I tucked it away and forgot I had the original until it showed up in a box of special saved photos yesterday. I love her dress and how she is holding up her home made pumpkin. Come take a look and maybe get a card to send to someone you know loves Halloween. Now that the month is half over I don't feel bad getting into the spirit of it. I did notice some Christmas and Hanukkah front pages recently on Etsy. Here comes the holidays.

Enjoy your wonderful warm or cold or wet Saturday....go romp in a pumpkin field or visit a cider house.

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Sandra said...

Hi Marianne, I heard about the horrible tradegy in Sedona. I thought of you right away. I know you must be very upset. I had never heard of sweat lodges before. They sound so dangerous.I know people have died in hot tubs. I am sorry to hear that the girl is a friend of your daughter. So very sad. I hope you are doing well. I love your blog. Sandra

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