Monday, October 26, 2009

That roadside stand in Sedona~Monday

This is a life size sign that was probably atop a pole at a gas station many years ago and now adorns the fence with many others at a roadside tourist stop outside downtown Sedona heading towards Village of Oak Creek. So many wonderful things to look at, I had so much fun with Rita looking and eventually spending too much money on gifty this and that little items that I couldn't do without like a scorpion in glass (even though Rita begged me not to support it, I knew my grandson would love it), several varieties of spicy and sweet popcorn packaged for my grandaughter's dorm room late night snack. A string of chili peppers for an aunt's upcoming birthday. There was so much to see, it was like a trip to Mexico without the airfare. Well not really but there were so many things to see outside and in the large all wooden store. Here are a few photos from there. Several are in my Etsy store as prints if you decide you cannot live without one of them.

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