Friday, September 25, 2009

T-REX ~PAris Blues ~FRIDAY! hooray!

Here is someone who probably would need a really good dentist to look over all his wonderful pointed teeth. He was or still is a roadside attraction in California somewhere. Tried to find it an even w google it was nowhere. I have always been amazed at roadside folk art and even bought a book once to go looking for the more unusual. I love anything that is real looking but fake. I remember once as a photo student at the University of Oregon we went to Portland and I loved the restaurants with the fake food in the window. It was made of plastic but looked so real. It would never go bad. Of course I saw Jurassic Park a few times and was afraid every time. That is one of the better scary movies to see. I saw a wonderful film the other night with Paul Newman, Joanne woodward, Sydney Poitier, and Dinah Carroll called PAris Blues. REnt it... its jazz at the underground cafe in Paris in 1961, black adn white.. doesn't get better. The story was good and there was a guest appearance and horn ensemble with Louis Armstrong. I really enjoyed it.
Joanne Woodward steals the film. I think they have always been one of my favortie Hollywood couples. I met their daughter once in APtos at our little small store there. They had a second home there for awhile and she was a local who I believe took over her parents' food business. They gave so much to charity and were such a cute couple! Here is a beautiful photo of them.
Poitier and Carroll also sizzle!newmanwoodwardpariblues
click here is a link to a promo for the film on youtube

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