Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Red Roses in a Blue Vase~Farewell to Otis

Here it is Tuesday already, actually its dinner time so the day is almost done. I was in such a home maker mood today. I know why, the change in the weather. It was so gorgeous today with temps in 80s and a slight breeze. That is fall here. Last night my neighbor Susan and her friend Eleanor were out walking Susan's new little long hair dachshund puppy named Remington(Remy for short). Her other dog Otis(who was my dog Blue's best friend), died last week at the age of 3 yrs because he was hoarding money. He kept eating change he would find and although they were able to save him once before this time the coins were too much and the poor dog died. I tried to tell her from day one to give the dog tap water because at least there are natural minerals in that but she wanted him to have the best and gave him bottled water only, so he craved minerals and that is what happened to Otis. Now Remy is only 3 months old but soft as can be and a red head like Susan. She told me not to bring Blue out to meet him as Remy had been"attacked" and bitten already by a dog and he was"afraid" to meet any dogs. So poor Blue whined at the door hearing Eleanor and Susan's voice and not knowing why he was kept inside.

The stars were like I had never seen before. I mean we get gorgeous desert nights but this is one that I could have stayed outside all night and just walked aimlessly for the delight of the temperature and the zillions of stars in the sky. Nothing could bring me down. I hugged Sandy and gave my condolences but that brought out a bucket of crying which no verbal juggling could have held back those tears. I truly felt for her. This woman has had her share of sorrow moving to this town by really throwing a dart on the map. That is how many folks end up in Sedona, they come to get away, to heal or hide or find a vortex.

I think little Remy is cute enough he will heal her sadness in no time. I went back in and hugged Blue. Rita mentioned how little the dog was, anyone could miss it if it not looking. A dog like Blue is just too hard to miss. I know I would miss him if he were gone. I am giving a silent prayer to Otis..he had boundless energy and a taste for cheap coins. May he rest in doggie heaven.

The painted photo above was done over a photo of old roses from my garden in California.. I took the photo, printed it and painted over it. I never tire of that option, to cover a photo with paint. It seems to have a timeless appeal to me. If interested to see it bigger click the link.

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