Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day-Indian Summer- School girls painting

Here it is Monday and a holiday. I awake to a sunny blue sky day and a dog who I love. My daughter harder to wake up than the dog, has to go to cross country practice at 8:30. The weather couldn't be better for a run or anything on this bright and beautiful Labor Day. I myself will be laboring. I am warned and pleaded with to take a day off. I find that every day is a work day, and that although I am not a physical laborer,(I have done plenty of that in my lifetime), I am pleased with the job I have created for myself. I have met the most amazing people, loving, creative with a passion for history and art and also have been fulfilled by earning a living working for myself and not being bossed around. I never was happy with that, and being the oldest of 11, it was always hard to take orders from anyone.
So, hopefully today, as we honor labor, we will remember all those who work for us, the men and women in the fields of central California, bringing us our vegetables and fruits, those in China who really sew all our clothing, make our toys and walk to work and back. Let's not forget the construction men and women who work out of doors to construct our buildings, homes and roads. What about those who work the hospitals and universities, schools, we owe them so much. I also do not want to forget anyone and I am sure I have, but I want to pay tribute to the mothers and fathers who work every day to keep their children fed and clothed and sheltered, who care and clean for their families. I honor the workers of the world.

I have finished another gouache painting-this time of two older teen schoolgirls. This from another gem photo that I found and just loved. Enjoy your holiday day and the week to come. Fall is on its way and then winter. The last days of Indian summer are upon us.


Stay Tuned said...

Nicely Said! Hope you are having a great week ... and Rita continues to get out of bed!! haha
laura xxoo

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is absolutely fabulous and beautiful! I really love the style. It's marvelous! This is awesome work.

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