Friday, September 11, 2009

BAby Iris Welcome!~Blindsight MOvie!

While watching one of the best movies ever made called BLindsight, I finished my watercolor for FAwna's baby who was born 2 weeks ago, Iris. Again this is gouache and its getting easier to work with after a month of practice. Please see that movie~ about a blind young woman from Sweden who alone goes to Tibet to open the first blind school for children. She succeeds on horseback going door to door getting a group of children, most of whom the parents are happy to let go as they feel it a burden for the family. She writes a man who lives in Colorado who is blind to come visit and tell the kids his story of climbing Mt Everest, instead he comes with an entire team of climbers and a film crew and they climb the mountain. I defy a dry eye at the end of this one when the little boy sings through the credits....please see this film!!

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I love it! gouache is such a wonderful media. I have been trying it again after all these years. I had put it to the side, but I just purchase a little bit and I'm loving it! You have to try it on cardboard! Honestly it's wonderful. Great work!!!

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