Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday morning still dark out~nov 9th

This photo was made from foliage from my front yard area, well in front of my condo, which is my front yard. I am going out today to take more photos as I don't want the last days of fall and the beautiful colors that are out there to disappear before I get some memories. This is my last fall in Sedona and I am trying to relish every minute of it. It was still warm enough yesterday with a warm breeze blowing that we left the doors open all day. I took a very long walk with Blue and soaked in every ounce of sunshine I could get before coming home and working the rest of the day.
We hardly ever eat red meat but last night I was longing for a steak and so I cooked a nice NY, a small one and split it w Rita. Yellow finn roasted potatoes, broccoli and a pumkin cookie homemade from the health food store to split. I ate small portions of everything and felt great afterwards.
I keep thinking about how fortunate we all are here in America. We have had our trials and hurricanes and political divisions but really for the size of our country we are doing really well. I think we forget alot of the time that we have it so good. This month for me will be about being grateful and so far I think I am. I have a wonderful family, children, parents and friends. I wouldn't trade any of that for another life. I think because I read Ram Dass' book in the 70s"Be Here Now" I always keep a mantra in the back of my mind, he said everything that happens in life,"It's all just grist for the mill". I guess I love that as it incorporates grain and that is really what life is about, bread and surviving and loving your life. So my little mantra for you is to be grateful. It frees up so much of the fear we can always slip back into. Have a wonderful day and an awesome week!

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Stay Tuned said...

Great photo!! our flowers are pretty dead.... and the leaves are pretty brown - so cool you can still take pictures like that!!!

You also made me hungry LOL! laura

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