Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blanche Ollie and her Christmas Doll

This is a retouched photo I did for Etsy. The little girl's name was Blanche Ollie. Her mother was the school teacher I listed a few days ago named Blanche Mae Mcquillan. She had one daughter, Blanche Ollie, named after her uncle Olander Young. She was a lovely child in every way and just by looking at the photos they took of her growing up getting married and having one child of her own she was well rounded, could shoot a rifle and also cook and became a teacher like her mom. ITs funny, her mom was an only daughter/child and so was she and her own child a single girl who also had one daughter a girl. How unusual is that. Just one girl for 4 generations. I love this photo of her because she really shows through her eyes how much she loves her doll. The original was 1by 1 inch. click the link to see it bigger in my store. I love the fur coat on her doll, so cute!

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