Saturday, January 9, 2010

Manatee~a new blue beauty!

this is the latest watercolor my daughter Rita has made. She did it in one hour in her art class yesterday. In person it is almost life like. I cannot help but brag because although I have 2 degrees in art I don't believe I am anywhere near as visually accurate or intuitive about painting as she is at 17. I only hope she never loses her desire to paint. I worry as she played violin so beautifully for 8 years then quit playing although picked it up a few times in the past 5 years. I guess whatever brings joy to your heart is what you must do in life. This is a good lesson for parents in general when they are pushing things on their children they wish they had done or wish they would do. It really is up to the kids to find their joy. I think Rita's is unusual and regular animals. I love this manatee in all his flubber!
enjoy your saturday!!


kathiroussel said...

wow-- i adore rita's work -- she's got an incredible way of adding so much personality and depth to her drawings of animals-- this manatee has character and oddball charm-- and so beautifully executed!! i hope rita continues to pursue her art along with whatever else she decides to study-- she's got skills!!


Sandra said...

I love this. Rita is so gifted! I agree with what u said about letting children follow their own dreams and passion.

chickory said...

this are so fun. talent runs in the family. ive seen you pop up on the front page a few times. congrats! hope you had a great CHristmas and new years.

pey said...

It's a beauty indeed, nicely done.

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