Saturday, January 2, 2010

F is for Fossa~Animalgam's ALphabet

F is for Fossa
My daughter Rita is creating an amazing alphabet of unusual animals. This is one of her latest and I think nicest images. A fossa. Every detail is shown in this pen and watercolor illustration and I wanted to showcase it because I really believe it deserves it. She had to take a semester off from art to concentrate on her AP Bio and other classes but starting this next week she will do a class with her wonderful Art teacher for her last semester in high school. A perfect way to end the 4 years by doing something you love to do. I am hoping she will continue with the alphabet until it is finished as each one is more amazing than the next one. Please visit her shop (one of two)on Etsy and see her other animal and biological drawings. Have a wonderful day!
here is the link.
her description of this wonderful animal is:
This is a Fossa, the largest mammal predator on the island of Madagascar, even though they're not really that big (very large house cat sized). And although they look like they are of the cat family, they are actually very closely related to mongooses. That's an example of convergent evolution! Google it, its very cool!

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