Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hawaiian Dragon's Tongue Orchid

I felt the need for the tropics today and this orchid from Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii does not disappoint! While on a vacation there I was lucky enough to stop for an afternoon to see the number one item on my todo list for my vacation and it was to tour the botanical garden in Hilo. This place goes right down to the ocean and is filled to overflowing with hundreds of species of orchids and succulents. The moisture and warmth made it a perfect spot to have this wonderful garden and I can almost remember how it felt to walk through there. Honestly for a photographer it was like a kid in a candy store.. or better! This lovely and somewhat uncomfortable flower is the most outstanding one in the garden in my eye. IT so has the surreal otherworldly look and almost defies beauty in its own spectacular way. Sadly I didn't shoot this at a high resolution so to blow it up would be impossible past a 5X7 but still I was happy to have the image. I worked it in photshop with a special overlay and voila... almost like a 1960s B movie setting for a film noir. Don't ask how I made that correlation it just seems to go.
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La Donna Welter said...

Dear Marianne,
Success is having friends like you!!!!
And...I mean that with all my heart!
La Donna

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